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Hi, I'm Kara Lockwood
DIRECTOR, Creator & Visionary

I have a decade of experience, working for large and small advertising agencies. I've managed teams, delivered outstanding work for million dollar accounts, and helped small businesses thrive. From P&G campaigns to branding for an event planner, every project matters. My direction and design expertise leads to creative work that is consistently high quality and on time.

"It's all about being able to see the big picture, as well as the detail that goes into it."

Not only am I a director and designer, I'm an entrepreneur. 7 years connecting with others as a
beauty blogger have given me the first-hand skills needed to start and market my own business. 
I understand how to work socially. Whether for my clients or my own business, I'm passionate about connecting brands with people worldwide.

"There is power and impact in every upload, tweet and post. There is valuable insight in today's socially-driven perceptions of brands and products."

My ability to see opportunities alongside my continuous curiosity and unique perspective have made me a natural visionary and creator. I am passionate about helping others. I believe there is something great around the corner for those who take risks. For those who venture out and put in the work.
So let's work together!